VoyageMIA: Art & Life with Jean Blackwell Font


I was thrilled to be invited to share my story (and my art) in an article on VoyageMIA. Here's an excerpt:

I was born in a small town in Maryland, but I don’t really come from there. We moved so much between Maryland, Virginia, and Florida when I was small, that I don’t have any roots or real memories about my formative years. My mother suffered from mental illness and, as a result, we were pretty poor and never stayed in one place for very long. Chaos kept us moving, so a lot of my childhood memories are lost. Among my few, treasured memories, I can recall the moment I knew I wanted to be an artist. I was probably 4 or 5 years old, and I made several little drawings of animals and put them together as a little book. I was so happy with my creation, I decided then I wanted to be an artist. After that, every time I saw one of those little ads for mail-order art school (they were so popular back in the 70’s); every time I saw one, I would draw the character from the ad. I knew I had what it took to “Be an Artist!”

You can find out more (than you ever wanted to know) about my work and art, by reading the full article online at VoyageMIA HERE.