Spring Cleaning


Ah, springtime. The air is sweet, the days grow longer, and everything is renewed and in bloom. Something about this time of year inspires a little spring cleaning — but before you breakout the vacuum and head for the closet, let’s take a look at your website!

Just like daylight savings is a great time to change out the batteries in your smoke alarm, a new season is the perfect time to direct a critical eye to your online presence. With that in mind, consider the tips below for freshening up your website.



Click those links — check all of your website links to make sure they’re still doing what you expect them to do. Platform updates or changes in your strategies can outdate your links, so they don’t direct your audience the way they should. Important links to check are mailing list sign ups, contacts, and social media identities. Even links inside your website, leading to a landing page or gallery can get wonky, so take an hour to really check that things are doing what you think they’re doing (you may be surprised!)

Picture this — take inventory of the images displaying on the site and think about changing old images for new ones. Just like hanging a new image on a freshly painted wall, updated photos on a website is a great way to make a website new and exciting again.

Read what you wrote — this is another tip that seems like a no brainer. Information changes, ideas grow, and businesses expand. Print out your pages and really look at what is written, and look for opportunities to update or refresh the way the information is being shared. Remember SEO while you’re there and ask yourself, “Does this sound like me, and explain what the site is for?”

Love it or leave it — If you just can’t take reading your own website, then maybe you need to update the copy and design altogether. If you don’t want to look at your website, neither will anyone else. Your website should be a shining example of your best work and make you proud of all that you have to offer. If not, then its time to update.

Depending on the size of your website, checking off your spring cleaning list could take a few hours or a few days. If you just don’t have it in you to do the work, look for a web developer or designer with an aesthetic that matches your own, or that you aspire to match. Ask through your online networks for recommendations if you don’t know anyone. Giving a professional the opportunity to refresh your site may be just the thing your business needs for a little burst of energy and new growth.