Family Myths is a collection of childhood memories manifest; these are the stories I've told myself. Created as assemblage from found objects, the works are based on the myth of memory, the residue of what is left behind when someone leaves: the objects orphaned of any personal meaning once that person is gone. 

I've never had many childhood memories that I could recall; a nomad family, we lacked a family home and never stayed anywhere long enough to become rooted to a place. Without roots, childhood memories feel more like blurry-eyed half-awake dreams; disjointed recollections that feel like something you've forgotten or lost. 

With Family Myths, I am reconstructing my life's timeline, based on half-remembered experiences and from the stories I've heard. Truth lies somewhere beyond what I can recall; these are my truths, what I think I know. 

All works are copyrighted by Jean Blackwell Font as part of the Family Myths body of work, and may not be reproduced without express written consent of the artist.