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Jean Blackwell Font has lived and worked in Miami and the Beaches since 1990 in wide-ranging roles -- in the arts, hospitality, and business. Her fascination and self directed study in social media dates from before the days of Facebook, Twitter, and even MySpace, to a time when one needed to know html code just to get a few words posted, and the vast power of the internet for communication and connection was beginning to be explored.

Recognizing the potential for viral media to seed, fuel, and transform messaging has been the inspirational force in over 20 years of experimentation -- and has materialized most recently a unique and successful content-driven, highly-strategic approach to social media and digital marketing. As a practicing artist and experienced hotel manager, Jean has worked at the Eden Roc Resort, The National Hotel and The Mutiny in Coconut Grove, as well as for the City of Miami Beach Cultural Arts Council. She joined the Betsy Marketing Team in 2011 as Manager of Marketing, Philanthropy, and Programs and currently manages the brand’s dynamic identity and programs, including cultural programming, an artist residency, and email marketing. 

Jean is the founder of beefont studios, a digital marketing service focused on the unique needs of visual artists. With her husband, Ignacio Font, she runs Warehouse 4726 in the Bird Road Art Studio, where beefont studios is located.